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You should be able to harvest your compost within 6 - 9 months

Compost that is ready is dark brown and can be found at the bottom of your compost heap or bin.

You can harvest the compost from the bottom of a heap and apply it directly to top soil or plant pots. For potting, it is usually best to mix it with a little sand, soil or Vermiculite.

If you are using a compost bin that has a flap or opening at the bottom (such as the thermo-composter), you can remove the ready compost without taking off the top layer.

If you are using more than one compost bin or heap, you can leave one to mature and continue to compost in the other. You can then harvest the compost from the first heap once it has matured.

Having problems with your compost? Click here to visit Doctor Compost.

If you have been successful with basic composting and would like to know more about different composting techniques, please click here.

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