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Inverclyde: Reuse

In many cases waste that can’t be prevented can be reused. Reusing helps to make sure that we make the most out of our waste and helps to save valuable natural resources.

Reuse involves either of the following:

  • Using a product as many times as possible in it’s original form, for it’s original purpose.
  • Using a product for an alternative purpose with or without repairing or reconditioning it.

There are lots of different things that you can do to reuse your waste in Inverclyde. Click on the Reuse, Recharge, Refill, Avoid Disposable and Buy recycled buttons to find out more.

  Find out how everyday household items such as paper, furniture, computer games and food containers can be reused.
  Find out where you can buy rechargeable batteries.
  Using refillable products is easier than you might think, check out this page to find out what you could be doing.
Avoid disposables:
  Find out about lots of alternatives to disposable items such as nappies, handkerchiefs, and toiletries.
Buy Recycled:
  Lots of everyday items are made from high quality recycled materials, check out this page to find out where you can buy everything from recycled paper to mouse mats made from recycled tyres.
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