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Western Isles: Avoid Over Packaging

Over packaged items create more waste than is necessary, select a topic from the drop down menu to find out how you can avoid over packaged items in the Western Isles.



Buy Food Loose

Buying food loose without lots of packaging helps to reduce the amount of waste that you have to take home. This list shows places where you can buy food loose.

Farmers Markets

Stornoway Farmers Market

Tel: 01851 703 703

Contact Lewis MacKenzie

Local Retailers

Salar Smokehouse Ltd

South Uist, HS8 5PD
Tel: 01870 610324

Retailer of Salar smoked salmon

To find where you can buy food locally produced, click here.


Concentrated Products
e.g. concentrated juice

Concentrated products come in smaller containers than ready diluted alternatives and may be more cost effective, this list shows where you can buy concentrated products locally.

Local Retailers
A C MacLean

The Square, Isle of Barra, HS9 5XD,
Tel: 01871 810291

Norman MacLeod & Son Mini Market

Harbour View, Scalpay, Isle of Scalpay,
Tel: 01859 540309

Co-Chommun Eirisgeidh Ltd

Community Hall, Eriskay, South Uist, HS8 5JH
Tel: 01878 720236


Cearns Community Shop

Cearn Shulasgeir, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis,
Tel: 01851 704402


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