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Stirling City: Repair

Repairing broken items rather than buying replacements can save you money and waste. Take a look at the list below to see what you can have repaired.





Elizabeth’s Sewing Shop

8-10 Arcade, King Street, Stirling
Tel: 01786 449109


Sew Quick

37 Murray Place, Stirling
Tel: 01786 473826


Stirling Tailors

7 Cunningham Road, Stirling
Tel: 01786 445349

Stitchin Time
2 Wellpark Terrace, Bonnybridge, FK4 1DE
Tel: 01324 814778
Woolf Tailoring

9 Friar Street, Stirling
Tel: 01786 446842


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Local Cobblers

Master Cobbler

26 Murray Place, Stirling, FK8 2DD
Tel: 01786 479080


Timpson Ltd

within Sainsbury's, Drip Road, Stirling, FK8 1RA
Tel: 01786 474091



2 Pitt Terrace, Stirling, FK8 2EZ
Tel: 01786 470477


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Electrical Appliances

Local Retailers

1st Call Repairs

96 McGrigor Rd, Stirling, FK7 9BN
Tel: 01786 449842


A.1 Appliance Repairs

40 Colquhoun Street, Stirling, FK7 7PX
Tel: 01786 464748


Castle Domestic Appliances

4 Maxwell Place, Stirling
Tel: 01786 451574

Henry John
79 Port Street, Stirling
Tel: 01786 475 446
Inverallman Domestic Services

58 Baker Street, Stirling, FK8 1DB
Tel: 01786 451574


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