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North Ayrshire: Reduce

If we didn’t produce as much waste in the first place then we’d have less to reuse, recycle or dispose of. Reduce means taking steps to lower the amount of waste that we create and is the best way of dealing with our waste.

Find out more about what you can do to reduce your waste in North Ayrshire by clicking on the buttons to the left of this page.

Avoid over packaging:
  Take a look in this section to find places where you can buy locally produced food and loose food such as fruit and vegetables that come without lots of packaging. You can also find out where to buy concentrated products that use less packaging.
Home Composting:
  Find out how to get a home composter, food digester or wormery to help make the most of your kitchen and garden waste.
Mechanical Power:
  By choosing items such as wind up torches, radio’s, watches and toys you can help to lower the amount of batteries that you use and have to dispose of. This page shows you a range of products that are available locally.
Reduce unwanted mail:
  Registering with the Mailing Preference Service can stop unwanted mail that is delivered to a named addressee at your address.
  Find out where you can have your household items repaired to extend their life and reduce the amount of waste you have to throw away.
Shopping Bags:
  You can reduce your waste by using multiple use shopping bags, visit this page to find out where you can get these bags from.
Solar Power:
  Check out this page to find out where you can buy solar powered items to help reduce the number of batteries that you have to throw away.
Use services:
  This page contains information about the wide range of ‘low’ and ‘no’ waste gift experiences that are available in your local area. Also find out about where you can hire rather than buy a range of household items.



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