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North Ayrshire: Avoid Over Packaging

Over packaged items create more waste than is necessary, select a topic from the drop down menu to find out how you can avoid over packaged items in North Ayrshire.



Buy Food Loose

Buying food loose without lots of packaging helps to reduce the amount of waste that you have to take home. This list shows places where you can buy food loose.

Farmers Markets

Irvine Farmers Market

Tel: 01655 770217

Contact Shonaid Kay.

Largs Farmers market

Tel: 01655 770217

Contact Shonaid Kay.
Hand Made Cheese Company

Swinlees Farm, Dalry, KA24 5JZ
Tel: 01294 832 479

All the produce is hand made.
Threepwood Fayre

Lawhouse, Threepwood Road, KA15 2JR
Tel: 01505 503 553



Health Food Shops

Colin's Good Food Shop

Auchrannie Rd, Isle Of Arran, KA27 8BZ


The Village Shop

Shore Rd, Whiting Bay, KA27 8PR
Tel: 01770 700349


Body Sport Nutrition & Supplements

42 Glasgow St, KA22 8EH
Tel: 01294 470884


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Local Green Grocers

John Fleming (Fruiterer & Florist) Ltd

1-3 Chapelwell St, Saltcoats, KA21 5EB
Tel: 01294 464065


Fresh Fruits

8 Bridgegate, Irvine, KA12 8BQ
Tel: 01294 279584


Ann's Fruit & Veg

44 Main St, Beith, KA15 2AA
Tel: 01505 506415


Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh, Dalry, KA24 5AG
Tel: 01294 835353


H.B Ramage

26-28 Aitken St, Largs, KA30 8AU
Tel: 01475 672467


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Local Retailers

G Broadfoot & Son

31-33 Macadam Place, South Newmoor I.E, KA11 4HP
Tel: 01294 215934


Newhouse Mini Market

4 Dalry Rd, Kilbirnie, KA25 6HY
Tel: 01505 685322

Quality Loose Foods

63 Main St, Kilwinning, KA13 6AN
Tel: 01294 556340

Irvine Late Shop

28 Bank St, Irvine, KA12 0AD
Tel: 01294 271719

Murchie's Store

Blenheim, Shore Rd, Lamlash, KA27 8JN
Tel: 01770 600524


To find where you can buy food locally produced, click here.

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Concentrated Products
e.g. concentrated juice

Concentrated products come in smaller containers than ready diluted alternatives and may be more cost effective, this list shows where you can buy concentrated products locally.

Local Retailers
Seamill Store

19 Ardrossan Rd, West Kilbride, KA23 9LZ
Tel: 01294 822218

Anne's Store

22 Burns St, Irvine, KA12 8RP
Tel: 01294 274379

Burns Newsagents

24 Eglinton St, Beith, KA15 1AQ
Tel: 01505 504180


Lifestyle Stores

110 Dickson Drive, Irvine, KA12 9HD
Tel: 01294 278624


The Corner Store

1 Redburn Place, Irvine, KA12 9BQ
Tel: 01294 272017


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