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Midlothian: Avoid Over Packaging

Over packaged items create more waste than is necessary, select a topic from the drop down menu to find out how you can avoid over packaged items in Midlothian.



Buy Food Loose

Buying food loose without lots of packaging helps to reduce the amount of waste that you have to take home. This list shows places where you can buy food loose.

Farmers Markets

Haddington Farmers Market

Corn Exchange, Haddington

last Saturday of every month

Balerno Farmers Market

Mains Street, Balerno

2nd Saturday of every month


Local Retailers

Stewart & Waterson

7 Meadow Place, Bilston, Roslin, EH25 9RT
Tel: 0131 440 4116


Its Nice to be Nice

59 Woodburn Park, Dalkeith, EH22 2DE
Tel: 0131 663 0247

Morning Noon & Night

71 Main Street, Newtongrange, Dalkeith, EH22 4NE
Tel: 0131 663 9199


5 Newmills Road, Dalkeith, EH22 1DU


To find where you can buy food locally produced, click here.


Concentrated Products
e.g. concentrated juice

Concentrated products come in smaller containers than ready diluted alternatives and may be more cost effective, this list shows where you can buy concentrated products locally.

Local Retailers
News Boyz

27 The Square, Penicuick, EH26 8LH
Tel: 01968 672002


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