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Aberdeen City: Use Services

You can help to reduce waste by making use of the wide range of services that are available. Select the options below to find out about buying gift vouchers and experiences instead of presents, or to find out how you can hire a wide range of household items.



Gift Vouchers & Experiences

‘Low’ or ‘no’ waste presents such as the gift vouchers or gift experiences suggested below can be good alternatives to large, packaged presents.

Health & Beauty Salons

Body N Sol

28 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, AB10 6BT
Tel: 01224 595958

Sell gift vouchers.

Body Talk

220 Hardgate, Aberdeen, AB10 6AA
Tel: 01224 211881

Sell gift vouchers.

1st Nails Plus Beauty

1 South Crown Street, Aberdeen, AB11 7RQ
Tel: 01224 593232

Sell gift vouchers.


30 Market Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5PL
Tel: 01224 572600

Sell gift vouchers.

The Beauty Fountain

51 Holburn Road, Aberdeen, AB10 6EY
Tel: 01224 212888

Sell gift vouchers.

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Leisure Activities

Albury Outdoor Sports Centre

Albury Road, Aberdeen, AB11 6TN
Tel: 01224 571683


Alex Collie Sports and Community Centre

Westfield Park (off Scotstown Road), Aberdeen,
AB22 8PE
Tel: 01224 826769


Auchmill Golf Course

Provost Rust Drive, Aberdeen, AB16 7BQ
Tel: 01224 714577


Aulton Outdoor Sports Centre

School Road, Aberdeen
Tel: 01224 480896


Balnagask Golf Course

St Fitticks Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9QT
Tel: 01224 876407


Beach Leisure Centre

Beach Promenade, Aberdeen, AB24 5NR
Tel: 01224 647647


Bon Accord Baths

Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen, AB11 6EQ
Tel: 01224 587920


Bridge of Don Swimming Pool

Braehead Way, Aberdeen, AB22 8RR
Tel: 01224 703118


Bucksburn Swimming Pool

Kepplehills Road, Aberdeen, AB21 9DG
Tel: 01224 716479


Duthie Park Outdoor Sports Centre

Duthie Park, Aberdeen, AB11 7TH
Tel: 01224 647647


Dyce Swimming Pool

River View Drive, Aberdeen, AB21 7NF
Tel: 01224 725118


Hazlehead Golf Courses

Hazlehead Avenue, Aberdeen, AB15 8BD
Tel: 01224 321830


Hazlehead Outdoor Sports Centre

Groats Road, Aberdeen, AB15 8BE
Tel: 01224 312946


Hazlehead Swimming Pool

Groats Road, Aberdeen, AB15 8BE
Tel: 01224 310062


Hilton Outdoor Sports Centre

Hilton Drive, Aberdeen
Tel: 01224 484501


Inverdee Outdoor Sports Centre

Jackwood Pavillion, Inverdee, Aberdeen, AB24 4NQ
Tel: 01224 647647


Jesmond Centre

Jesmond Drive, Aberdeen, AB22 8UR
Tel: 01224 707090


Kincorth Outdoor Sports Centre

Corthan Crescent, Kincorth, Aberdeen, AB12 5BB
Tel: 01224 879759


Kincorth Sports Centre

Corthan Crescent, Aberdeen, AB12 5BB
Tel: 01224 879759


Kincorth Swimming Pool

Cairngorm Drive, Aberdeen, AB12 5PQ
Tel: 01224 872227


Kings Links Golf Courses

Golf Road, Aberdeen, AB24 5QB
Tel: 01224 632269


Linksfield Swimming Pool

Regents Walk, Aberdeen, AB24 5SS
Tel: 01224 494093


Linx Ice Arena

Beach Promenade, Aberdeen, AB24 5NR
Tel: 01224 649930


Northfield Outdoor Sports Centre

Kettlehills Road, Northfield, Aberdeen, AB24 5NR
Tel: 01224 685920


Northfield Swimming Pool

Kettlehills Crescent, Aberdeen, AB16 5PL
Tel: 01224 680307


Peterculter Sports Centre

Coronation Road, Aberdeen, AB14 0RQ
Tel: 01224 732069


Queen's Links Outdoor Sports Centre

Links Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5EN
Tel: 01224 626755


Ruthrieston Outdoor Sports Centre

Salisbury Place, Aberdeen
Tel: 01224 571849


St. Machar Outdoor Sports Centre

Sunnyside Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3ND
Tel: 01224 485530


Torry Outdoor Sports Centre

Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen, AB11 8ER
Tel: 01224 877964


Torry Sports Centre

Oscar Road, Aberdeen, AB11 8ER
Tel: 01224 871213


Tullos Swimming Pool

Girdleness Road, Torry, Aberdeen, AB11 8SJ
Tel: 01224 249963


Westburn Outdoor Sports Centre

Westburn Park, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB25 3DE
Tel: 01224 641719


Westburn Tennis Centre

Westburn Park, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB25 3DE
Tel: 01224 625342


Westfield Outdoor Sports Pitches

Scotstoun Road, Aberdeen, AB22 8
Tel: 01224 647647


Sheddocksley Sports Centre

Springhill Road, Aberdeen, AB16 6QJ
Tel: 01224 692534


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Days Out


197 George Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1HX
Tel: 01224 643001


Dyce Bowling Club

Skene Place, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7AY
Tel: 01224 723115


Aberdeen Maritime Museum

52-56 Shiprow, Aberdeen, AB11 5BY
Tel: 01224 337700


Natural History Centre

Zoology Building, Tillydrone Avenue, Aberdeen,
AB24 2TZ
Tel: 01224 493288


Satrosphere Science Centre

179 Constitution Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5TU
Tel: 01224 640 340


Keith and Dufftown Heritage Railway

Dufftown Station, Dufftown, AB55 4BA
Tel: 01261 861 212

The railway is open between Easter and the end of September

Provost Skene's House

Guestrow, Off Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AS
Tel: 01224 641086

18th Century Historic House

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Cinema Tickets

The Belmont Aberdeen

51 Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JS
Tel: 01224 343534


UGC Cinema

Links Road, Aberdeen, AB24 5EN
Tel: 0871 2002000


VUE Cinema

10 Shiprow, Aberdeen
Tel: 0845 6020266



Theatre Tickets

Aberdeen Arts Centre

33 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AA
Tel: 01224 635208


The Lemon Tree

5 West North Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AT
Tel: 01224 642230


The Music Hall

Union Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1QS
Tel: 01224 632080


Theatre Tokens

Tel: 020 7240 8800

Can be used at theatres across Scotland.

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Music or Book Vouchers

One Up Records

17 Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JR
Tel: 01224 642662


R & B Music

67-71 Green, Aberdeen, AB11 6NY
Tel: 01224 210121



13a Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JR
Tel: 01224 625005


Scripture Union Bookshop

60 Union Row, Aberdeen, AB10 1SA
Tel: 01224 658484


Virgin Megastores

133 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6BH
Tel: 01224 213050


The Works

157 Union Street, Dufftown, AB11 6BB
Tel: 01224 254693


National Book Tokens

Database of bookshops that sell book tokens.

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Hire Shops

In many instances hiring items such as videos, tools, glasses, clothes or books makes more sense than buying brand new, and can help to reduce waste.

Cycle Hire

Wheelin Around

The Pavillion, Victoria Road, Ballater, Aberdeen,
AB35 5RL
Tel: 01339 755864


Aberdeen Cycle Centre

188 King Street, Aberdeen
Tel: 01224 644542


Alpine Bikes

64 Holburn Street, Aberdeen
Tel: 01224 211455



Video/DVD Hire

Video Drive-In

Unit 1, Tesco, Laurel Drive Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB22 8YT
Tel: 01224 706222


Byron Video

11 Byron Square, Aberdeen, AB16 7LL
Tel: 01224 662590


Video Drive-In

460 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, AB24 2BA
Tel: 01224 276555


Blockbuster Entertainment

59-62 Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen, AB11 9LT
Tel: 01224 899022


Blockbuster Entertainment

322 George Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1HJ
Tel: 01224 638993


Blockbuster Entertainment

2-3 The Courtyard, Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 9SD
Tel: 01224 861080


Blockbuster Entertainment

70 Countesswells Road, Torry, Aberdeen, AB15 7YJ
Tel: 01224 209500


Blockbuster Entertainment

147 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, AB10 6BL
Tel: 01224 581014


Blockbuster Entertainment

Hillview, Upper Kirkhill, Wellington Road, Nigg, Aberdeen, AB12 3JX
Tel: 01224 877741


Blockbuster Entertainment

Unit 3, Jesmond Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen,
AB22 8UR
Tel: 01224 826422


Blockbuster Entertainment

Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, AB24 2PS
Tel: 01224 789666


Global Video

131 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, AB10 6BP
Tel: 01224 582972


Global Video

194-6 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5BH
Tel: 01224 649634


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Tool Hire

Aberdeen Tool Rental Ltd

35 Victoria Street, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7DX
Tel: 01224 775010


Balgownie Waterwell Drilling

78a Powis Terrace, Aberdeen, AB25 3PQ
Tel: 01224 485291


Easy Hire Shops Ltd

Units 3-4, Whitemyres Business Centre, Aberdeen, AB16 6HQ
Tel: 01224 693111


Hire Center

Back Hilton Road, Aberdeen, AB25 3LB
Tel: 01224 494923


Speedy Hire Centre (Northern) plc

76-81 Skene Square, Aberdeen, AB25 2UL
Tel: 01224 638555


Hewden Hire Centres

4-14 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5EB
Tel: 01224 595102


Hewden Hire Centres

8-12 St Machar Drive, Aberdeen, AB24 3YJ
Tel: 01224 480467


Hewden Hire Centres

Unit 2A, Wellheads Crescent, Wellheads I.E., Aberdeen, AB21 7GA
Tel: 01224 729436


HSS Hire Shops

Unit 2, 36 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5BR
Tel: 01224 585 818


HSS Hire Shops

within John Fleming & Co., Silverburn Place, Bridge of Don Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, AB23 8EG
Tel: 01224 258237


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Clothes Hire

Alex Scott & Co. Ltd

43 Schoolhill, Aberdeen, AB10 1JT
Tel: 01224 643924



34 St. Andrews Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1JA
Tel: 01224 632222


Dyce Highland Dress Hire

11 Glen Avenue, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7FA
Tel: 01224 723310


Philip King 2

256 George Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1HN
Tel: 0800 9801333


Millsom & Main

The Galleria, Bon-Accord Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1HN
Tel: 01224 580507



Glass Hire

Threshers Wine Shop

29 Fountainhall Road, Fountainhall,
Aberdeen, AB15 4EW
Tel: 01224 622015


Threshers Wine Shop

166-170 George St, Aberdeen, AB25 1BS
Tel: 01224 635328


Victoria Wine Company

19 Crown Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6HA
Tel: 01224 587919


Victoria Wine Company

92 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, AB10 6BY
Tel: 01224 280045


Victoria Wine Company

83 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen, AB25 2YE
Tel: 01224 622361


Victoria Wine Company

530 Great Western Road, Mannofield,
Aberdeen, AB10 6PG
Tel: 01224 208868



5 Cornhill Shopping Arcade, Aberdeen, AB10 6DD
Tel: 01224 662601



384-386 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, AB24 2AX
Tel: 01224 276731



27 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5BP
Tel: 01224 580869



10 Bon Accord Street, Aberdeen, AB22 6EL
Tel: 01224 591990




Aberdeen Central Library

Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, AB25 1GW
Tel: 01224 652500


Aberdeen University Library

Meston Walk, Aberdeen, AB24 3UE
Tel: 01224 273330


To find more libraries in your area, click here.


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