East Dunbartonshire Kerbside Recycling Schemes


East Dunbartonshire Kerbside Collection
(2 Box + 1 Bin + Residual Bin)
Accepted Materials
Garden waste, cans, glass, paper
Green bin: Garden Waste
Blue Box: Paper and HDPE Plastic
Black Box: Cans and glass
Tel: 0845 045 0157
Frequency of Collection
Green bin: Fortnightly
Blue & Black boxes: Fortnightly
Residual: Weekly
Cumulative Total of Tonnage Collected:
Variance from previous quarter:
38,000 Households
Promotional Materials
Waste Aware Scotland
48 Sheets, 6 sheets, press ads, promobikes, adtrailers, A4 posters, A5 Flyers, leaflets, separate collection calendar, box decals, contamination stickers, bottle calendar.

If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 468 248