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You are the most important person in the process of waste prevention. By spending a small amount of time and thought on the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - you can make a big difference to the amount of waste that goes into landfill. The 3Rs are simple principles that will help you to do a little and change a lot!

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The first level of the waste hierarchy is reduce - if we don't produce as much waste in the first place, then we have less to deal with in the end. Here are some tips on how to reduce your waste:

Avoid over-packaging.   Buy fruit, vegetables, bread, etc. loose. A great way to avoid packaging waste.
Juice or cordial. Buy concentrates to avoid packaging waste
Concentrated cleaning products. Another ingenious way to avoid packaging waste
Reduce unwanted mail Register with the Mailing Preference Service by calling 0845 703 4599,
visiting www.mpsonline.org.uk or writing to: MPS, Freepost 29 LON 20771, London, W1E 0ZT
This service can stop unwanted mail that is delivered to a named addressee at your address - whether this is to you or another named person. The service can stop up to 95% of mail of this type. It cannot stop mail from companies with whom you already have dealings, mail that is addressed to "the occupier," or mail that is not addressed. Please note: using this method could result in you no longer receiving some mail that you may still wish to receive.
Solar power Solar powered garden lights, This helps avoid having to dispose of batteries.
Mechanical power Wind-up radios, torches, etc., clock-work watches and toys. Another way to avoid using batteries.
Use services Buy vouchers for days out instead of breakable toys as presents. Avoid Christmas and birthday waste.
Shopping bags Say no to unnecessary carrier bags at the shops, or better still take your own. This will help reduce the number of plastic bags that have to be disposed of.
Repair Electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, clothes, toys, etc. Make things last longer rather than throwing them away.
Compost Kitchen and garden waste Make soil conditioner for your garden.


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