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West Lothian Council

If we did it, 72% of you said you’d do it!
Now we’re doing it!

During 2001 and 2002, the Scottish Waste Awareness Group (SWAG) carried out the largest consumer waste survey ever undertaken in Scotland. The results showed that 72% of people living in West Lothian either already do or want to recycle their household waste.

The new scheme which will allow householders to do just that is now being rolled-out across more areas of West Lothian. The three-bin scheme has already been successfully introduced to 14,000 households.

David Gunn, SWAG Campaign Assistant for West Lothian said:
“The results of the survey showed that there was a real willingness to recycle by residents in West Lothian. We are now working in partnership with West Lothian Council to deliver both the infrastructure and the information you need to start or increase recycling.”

The three bins will allow a variety of household waste to be recycled with:

  • A Blue bin for recycling cans, paper and plastics, which will be collected every 4 weeks;
  • A Brown bin for garden waste, also collected every 4 weeks;
  • And a Grey bin for general residual waste, which will be collected fortnightly.

The collected paper is sent to paper mills where it is recycled into a variety of paper products. Cans are sent on to be recycled into cans, sheet metal and building materials. Plastic bottles are sent on to be recycled into new plastic products such as garden furniture.

Garden waste is taken to the council’s composting facility, and the compost produced will be used for landscaping.

Bins are being distributed to householders in the following areas:

  • Murieston, Bellsquarry, Dedridge, Kirkton South, Adambrae, Bankton, and Polbeth.
  • Broxburn, Uphall, and Dechmont.
  • Blackburn West, East Whitburn, Redmill, Stoneyburn, Bents, Addiewell, Loganlea, Breich, and Fauldhouse.

Already householders have received leaflets explaining the scheme and public meetings are being organised to explain the benefits of the scheme and answer any questions that householders may have. The first meetings are:

Councillor Area Time Date Venue
Danny Logue Dedridge Central and East 7.30pm 13th January Lanthorn Centre
Alex Davidson North and West Uphall 7pm 15th January Uphall Community Centre
Joe Thomas Addiewell/ Loganlea 10am - 7.30pm 19th January Addiewell Community Centre
Graeme Morrice and Cathy Muldoon East and West Broxburn , and South East Uphall 7.30pm 20th January Dining Hall,
Broxburn Academy

Councillor Jim Swan, Convener of the Community Safety Committee, said: “The three bin scheme has been very successful in the areas where it has already been introduced. Kerbside recycling is one way in which each individual household can help the environment.”

Karen Anderson, West Lothian Council’s waste strategy and operations manager said: “We hope that everyone will want to help the environment by participating in this recycling scheme. Anyone who would like more information on the scheme should call the recycling helpline on tel: 01506 777810.”































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If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 471 333.

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