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‘Do a little, Change a lot’ (DALCAL) campaign continues to make headlines

The Scottish Executive’s ‘Do a little, Change a lot’ (DALCAL) campaign continues to make headlines, with it’s latest series of advertisements making a splash in newspapers across the country. The nationwide outdoor poster campaign in March was aimed to catch the attention of over 1 million people and the Special Build sites in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen certainly attracted attention. As you can see from the photographs, the 3-D poster sites look fantastic and certainly help them stand out from the crowd.

The range of DALCAL advertisements was also seen across national, regional and local press titles in March. The Scottish Executive is currently undertaking research on all of the campaigns to assist them in refining their advertising and media choices for the coming year. On the horizon for later in 2004 is new DALCAL television advertising, with three new TV advertisements, one of which focuses on Waste - encouraging the public to reuse plastic bags.

If you have any questions on the Scottish Executive’s DALCAL campaign, then email john-paul.murphy@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.
















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