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Pioneering modern cotton nappy company CottonBottoms has yet another brilliant idea up its sleeve.

Aberdeenshire Mums and Dads new to the idea of using cotton nappies can give them a go for nothing!

What’s more parent-friendly CottonBottoms will deliver them to your door, along with all the equipment you need and pick them up a week later to launder them for you too.

Jacqui Geddes of Aberdeenshire’s CottonBottoms said, “We know that once parents have tried CottonBottoms they will love them. There’s nothing nicer than soft natural fabric against a baby’s bottom – paper and plastic nappies simply can’t compete with the comfort of cotton.

“They’re really simple to use too, as easy to change as a disposable, with Velcro tabs holding the nappy in place. The only difference is that instead of popping your used nappy in the bin for the refuse collectors to collect you put it into your special CottonBottoms bin for us to pick up instead.

“There’s nothing complicated about it – it really is that straightforward! I should know I have used them on my baby Annabel and they really are fluster-free!

“Just give it a go for yourself - you’ve nothing to lose!”

For information on trialling the CottonBottoms Nappy Laundry Service contact Jacqui Geddes on 01467 624634 – terms and conditions apply.





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