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Environment Minister praises success of Perth and Kinross' Composting Programme

Scottish Minister for the Environment, Ross Finnie, visited Perth today to celebrate the success of Perth & Kinross Council’s Composting at Home Programme, which recently notched up its 10,000th participant.

The Council has – together with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) and SWAG (Scottish Waste Awareness Group) - provided free home composting bins to people across Perth & Kinross in a bid to encourage and promote turning vegetable matter from garden and kitchen waste into home-produced compost.

Greeted by the Executive Director of Environment Services, John Milne and the Convener of the Environment Services Committee, Councillor Mike Barnacle, the Minister met with senior Council officers involved with the programme as well as representatives of partner agencies. Mr Finnie discussed aspects of the drive to promote greater public awareness of and participation in waste management issues and praised the success of the Home Composting programme.

Home composting is an easy and environmentally sound way of recycling vegetable matter from garden and kitchen waste into a useful product such as mulch or soil conditioner. This helps reduce the need to utilise landfill as a means of waste disposal, saves energy and natural resources and also lessens the damage to the environment.

Environment Minister, Ross Finnie, said, “The Scottish Executive is committed to transforming Scotland’s record on waste reduction, recycling and composting. We have provided £20.7 million to Perth and Kinross Council up to 2020 from our strategic waste fund to help meet this commitment.

He added, “By providing free compost bins, Perth and Kinross Council is helping to reduce further the amount of household waste which goes to landfill. The fact that 10,000 households have already taken up the offer of a free compost bin is evidence of the  
(Minister Ross Finnie with Mrs Simpson, recipient of the 10,000th composter issued in Perth and Kinross)
enthusiasm among people living in the Perth and Kinross area to improve their environment.”

Councillor Mike Barnacle said, "It was very gratifying that our council was selected as one of two local authorities in Scotland to work with WRAP in a national Home Composter initiative. The uptake in the area has been exceptional and I am pleased that the Minister has recognised the work done by the Council and its partners to promote the recycling message."

If you would like further information on the composting at home programme contact the WRAP orderline on 0845 7300 123.

For more information on how to use your compost bin please phone the home composting helpline on 0845 6000 323.

For Perth & Kinross initiatives to help you reduce, reuse and recycle your waste please phone the Environment Services Helpline on 01738 476476 or visit www.pkc.gov.uk/recycling.








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