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Recycle is the third and final level of the waste hierarchy. Recycling recovers value from things that would otherwise simply be disposed of. It means that fewer natural resources are being exploited. The more people that recycle, the cheaper the products will be.

Aluminium CansGlass BottlesSteel Cans

There are many things you can recycle such as glass, paper, steel and aluminium from cans, foil and plastics. Different systems are available to help us recycle materials; the most common ones are bring systems (e.g. bottle banks) or kerbside collection schemes. The second example is being introduced by many local authorities across Scotland and will increase steadily over the next decade.

To find out where your nearest Recycling Centre or Point is, please visit the Sort It tool.

Recycling can be done at home, for example by making compost. It can also be done via a kerbside system whereby specific recyclates are collected from outside your house and taken away for sorting, baling and reprocessing. Or, you can take specific recyclates (materials that can be recycled) to your local Recycling Centres and Points. Composting at home using a composter, food digester or wormery.
Community composting. Centralised composting.
Food waste
Tea bags/leaves or coffee grounds
Egg shells
House and outdoor plant clippings
Plastic can be recycled into fibres, or other plastic items Milk, detergent or drinks bottles
Carrier bags

Metals are very valuable and be recycled again and again. Aluminium or steel food and drinks cans.
Scrap, from, for example old cars, computers and other electronic or electrical items.
Paper can be recycled to make new paper, envelopes, toilet and kitchen roll, etc. Newspapers, magazines, the contents of mail, receipts, etc.
Cardboard can be recycled to make chipboard. Boxes and packing cases
Toilet / kitchen roll insides

Glass can be recycled to make a number of different things, such as new vases, glasses, etc., aggregate for road surface, shotblasting, etc. Food and drink bottles and jars
Textiles can be recycled to make paper or new textiles. Old clothes - natural and synthetic materials.
Curtains, sheets, blankets, rags.
Old shoes

Mobile phones contain many valuable. components, such as precious metals, which can be recycled over and over again All mobile phones
White goods also have valuable components Washing machines, fridges, cookers, etc
Batteries Car or household batteries
Oil can be cleaned up and used again. Engine and cooking oil.

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