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The Events section lists a selection of local and national events that focus on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and other waste related issues in the UK. You can see our full list of upcoming local and national events taking place across the UK on this page.

You can use the Events Filter to view local events. Please use the contact details listed for each event if you would like to find out more.
Events in Highland
Sustainable Scotland Network Annual Conference: 'Planning for a Sustainable Scotland'
End Date:
Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
This year's conference will focus on the role of land use planning, and the new Scottish Planning Bill, in developing a more sustainable Scotland. The event is sponsored by the Scottish Executive, the Sustainable Development Commission in Scotland and the Improvement Service. It is also supported by the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Saltire Society. Keynote speakers include: Malcolm Chisholm MSP (Minister for Communities); Clive Harridge (RTPI President); Jim Mackinnon (Scottish Executive Chief Planner); Karen Whitefield MSP (Convenor of the Communities Committee); Adrian Hewitt (Merton Borough Council); Helle Soholt (Gehl Architects, Copenhagen); Jon Pape (Copenhagen Authority); Neil Kirkpartick (ARUP); John Barrett (Stockholm Environment Institute); and Cllr Trevor Davies (City of Edinburgh Council). The event will feature seminars on Planning Policy and Development Control. We are also holding a 10th Anniversary Dinner and Social Event on the evening of Thursday 26th October, to which everyone is invited.
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