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Garden Waste Kerbside Recycling

Campaign Launch

This campaign began in August 2003 with a Waste Aware East Renfrewshire teaser. The teaser campaign aimed to raise anticipation among residents of East Renfrewshire with the message 'If we did it, 68% of people living in East Renfrewshire said they'd do it. (We're starting Monday 1st of September.)'

This statistic was taken from the Public Attitudes to Waste in East Renfrewshire report, and referred to the percentage of people in East Renfrewshire willing to participate in a separate garden waste collection.

You may remember seeing adtrailers, bus shelter adverts, flyers or posters like this around East Renfrewshire:

  Teaser Bus Shelter   Teaser Adtrailer

Current Scheme Information

The Waste Aware East Renfrewshire Garden Waste campaign aims to promote the following schemes:

Currently around 27,500 households in East Renfrewshire have been provided with a brown bin for recycling garden waste, as detailed below:
  • Flowers and plants
  • Hedge clippings
  • Lawn mowings and weeds
  • Sawdust and wood shavings
  • Small branches and bark
Following the success of last year's garden waste kerbside recycling scheme, the decision was made to pilot a similar scheme to flatted properties. The scheme was adapted to make it more suitable for this property type.

Currently around 160 flatted properties in East Renfrewshire have been provided with a biobag for garden waste, as detailed above.

Part of the campaign involves the delivery of guids, which provide further details of the scheme. The guide aims to answer questions like 'WHO should recycle?', 'WHAT can I recycle?', 'WHY should I recycle?' and 'WHEN can I recycle?

To view a leaflet, please select link on the right.

If you need another leaflet containing calendar dates for when your brown bin is emptied, or if you want to know more about the scheme, please contact East Renfrewshire Council's recycling helpline on
0141 577 3001.

Recent Campaign Phase

In February 2005, a Waste Aware survey was conducted during which doorstep surveyors consulted 451 residents from across East Renfrewshire.  To view the report, please click here.

Waste Aware East Renfrewshire seeks to introduce garden waste kerbside recycling at the beginning of the season, encourage its use, and feedback results.

In April 2005, garden waste collection re-started and those who already had brown bins were sent a flyer with new collection dates. 7500 more residents were introduced to the scheme and received and received an introductory flyer as well as a leaflet containing collection dates. Billboards and press adverts were also used to promote the scheme.

You may have seen these billboards around East Renfrewshire…

Main Billboard
Main Billboard
Recycling helpline
Recycling Helpline
Tel: 0141 577 3001
Campaign Leaflet
View the campaign guide . Please note: collection dates have been omitted.
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