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Campaign Launch

This campaign began in March 2004 with a Waste Aware East Ayrshire teaser campaign to raise anticipation among local residents with the message, 'If we did it, 86% of you said you'd do it. (We're starting Monday 5th of April.)

This statistic was taken from the Public Attitudes to Waste in East Ayrshire report, and referred to the percentage of people in East Ayrshire willing to participate in a kerbside collection of recyclates (materials that can be recycled).

You may remember seeing this press advert that was featured in local press or this A4 posters around East Ayrshire:
  Teaser Press Advert Teaser A4 Poster

Current Scheme Information

Currently approximately 49,000 households in East Ayrshire have been provided with a black box for recycling cans and glass, a blue bin for recycling cardboard and paper and a brown bin for recycling garden waste, as detailed below:

Black Box
  • Clean glass - bottles & jars free of food residue
  • Clean cans- aluminium & steel cans free of
    food residue

Blue Bin
  • Paper - envelopes, newspapers, brochures, catalogues, contents of unwanted mail, magazines,
    office quality paper, telephone directories. No Yellow Pages.
  • Clean cardboard - cardboard that has no food residue.

Brown Bin
  • Garden waste - twigs, flowers & plants,
    garden weeds, grass
    cuttings, hedge trimmings,

Part of the campaign involves the delivery of recycling guides, which provide further details of the schemes. The guide aims to answer questions like 'WHO should recycle?', 'WHAT can I recycle?', 'WHY should I recycle?' and 'WHEN can I recycle?

To view a guide, please select link on the right.

If you need another guide, or if you want to know more about the scheme, please contact the recycling helpline on 0845 606 2345 or visit

Recent Campaign Phase

In September 2005, the main phase of the campaign was introduced to 4,500 households in Dunlop, Fenwick, Lugton, Waterside, Crosshouse (part), Cumnock
(part) and some rural areas. This is when householders receive their black box, blue bin and brown bin, and are given the detailed information contained in the recycling guide. The message was reinforced by A4 posters, bus shelter adverts and press adverts.

You may remember seeing this press advert that was featured in local press or this A4 posters around East Ayrshire

  Main Press Advert Main A4 Poster
Recycling Helpline
Recycling Helpline
Tel: 0845 606 2345
Recycling Guide
View the Recycling Guide.

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