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Grass Cuttings

Grass cuttings break down very quickly. If you add a large amount to a standard compost bin, apart from filling it up, the grass will become a slimy mess.

There are a number of alternative methods of dealing with large amounts of grass cuttings. It you have a garden waste kerbside collection you can add them to that bin or you can take them to you local Recycling Centre. You can buy lawnmowers that cut the grass very fine so that it can be left on your lawn. Or you can make compost from it using the following method.


To make compost with grass cuttings you need just two types of materials, grass cutting and cardboard/paper. By not adding any other food or garden waste you will produce a clean, weed free compost.


To make compost with large amounts of grass you’ll need a normal compost bin or wire mesh bin placed in a secluded area of you garden.


Getting started

Chose a type of compost bin large enough to deal with the amount of grass cuttings you produce.

Adding materials

Every time you have grass to add make sure you add an equal amount of scrunched up newspaper or cardboard. Make sure to avoid any concentrations of grass or cardboard.

How long will it take?

It can take between 3-6 months to produce compost using grass cuttings. When your compost is ready it will be dark brown in colour and crumbly.

Removing compost

Simply remove ready compost from the container. It is ready to be used as it is.

Any materials that have not composted properly can be left in the container and composted with new material.
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