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The BIG Recycle for Scotland 2006
Recycling Tips

The BIG Recycle for Scotland 2006 aims to encourage you to recycle more household waste.  With more and more homes now having kerbside recycling collections, and increased numbers of local recycling centres and points, recycling has never been more convenient.  You can find out what, how and where you can recycle in your area at

Here are ten easy ways to make recycling part of your routine during the BIG Recycle for Scotland and beyond.

Top Tips
  1. Use your kerbside recycling collection service where available. You can find out what you can recycle at the kerbside locally in Your Area.

  2. Use your local recycling centres and points to recycle a full range of materials. You can find your local facilities on Sort It - now including plastic bag recycling points.

  3. Keep a recycling container near your bin to make recycling easy.

  4. Find out what you can recycle at your local supermarket on Sort It so that you can combine journeys and recycle while you shop.

  5. You can also recycle plastic bags at some larger supermarket branches.

  6. Recycle your own kitchen (non-meat) and garden waste by composting at home.  Find out how to get a compost bin in your area here.

  7. Flatten bulky waste such as cardboard to save space when recycling.

  8. Recycle your glass jars with your glass bottles – remember to remove the lids and rinse.

  9. You can recycle a whole range of paper with your newspapers and magazines, including junk mail and office paper.

  10. Try to buy goods in recyclable packaging, such as glass and cardboard.
As well as recycling, find out more about how you Reduce & Reuse your waste here.

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