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You can use these links to find out more about waste and other environmental issues in Scotland and the rest of the UK. A wide range of organisations can provide useful information and services to help you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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ActionAid Recycling - www.nru.org.uk
ActionAid Recycling collect empty printer, photocopier and fax cartridges, and unwanted mobile phones, and donate the profits to the charity ActionAid, who work with over 9 million of the world`s poorest people.
All Things Organic - www.allthingsorganic.com
The All Things Organic website provides a comprehensive guide to vermicomposting and allows you to purchase a range of vermicomposting products.
Allwag - www.recycledpromotionalproducts.co.uk
Allwag sells a range of promotional products and clothing made using recycled materials.
BEP Exchange Forum - www.exchange.thebep.org.uk
The Exchange Forum is a free service managed by the Business Environment Partnership to facilitate reuse and recycling of second hand office furniture and equipment.
BioBags (Scotland) Ltd - www.biobags.co.uk
BioBags are suppliers of 100% compostable alternatives to plastic, including carrier bags, bin liners and garden waste bags.
Blackwalls - www.blackwall-ltd.com
Blackwall sell a range of home composters made using recycled plastic.
Bright New Scotland - www.brightnewscotland.org.uk
Bright New Scotland are a team of environmental specialists and qualified teachers who can help with all aspects of environmental education. Visit the website for advice, ideas and resources covering all aspects of environmental education.
British Eco - www.britisheco.com
The British Eco website sells a range of solar powered, garden, eco friendly and outdoor products, including home composting equipment.
British Glass - www.britglass.co.uk
British Glass represents the UK glass industry and their website contains a range of useful information on glass recycling.
BTCV - www.btcv.org
The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) is a charity involved in creating better environments where people feel valued, included and involved.
Business Environment Partnership (The) - www.thebep.org.uk
The Business Environment Partnership (BEP) provides free and subsidised assistance with environmental management to small to medium sized businesses throughout Scotland.
By Nature - www.bynature.co.uk
The By Nature website offers a wide range of products made with respect for care of the environment and for the people that produce them. It also contains useful advice and information on making choices for a greener lifestyle.
Cartridges4Charity - www.cartridges4charity.co.uk
Cartridges4Charity collect and recycle printer cartridges and mobile phones to raise funds for their charity partners.
Cash for Cans - www.thinkcans.com/think_aboutc4c.asp
The aluminium industry pays collectors cash for empty drink cans, making cash for cans recycling a great way to raise funds for good causes.
CIWEM - www.ciwem.org
The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is the leading professional and examining body for scientists, engineers, other environmental professionals, students and those committed to the sustainable management and development of water and the environment.
CIWM - www.ciwm.co.uk
The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) is the leading professional body for waste and resource management.
Collect4School - www.collect4school.co.uk
Collect4School is a free printer cartridge recycling scheme which pays schools for cartridges that can be remanufactured.
Collect4Uni - www.collect4Uni.co.uk
Collect4Uni is a free printer cartridge recycling scheme for universities and further education establishments which pays the student organisations for cartridges that can be remanufactured.
Community Composting Network - www.communitycompost.org
The Community Composting Network supports and promotes the community management and use of waste biodegradable resources by providing support and encouragement to those running community composting schemes.
Community Re>Paint - www.communityrepaint.org.uk
Community Re>Paint is a network of paint reuse schemes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, collecting leftover domestic paint from householders and the paint industry for redistribution to organisations and individuals in social need.
Community Webnet - www.communitywebnet.org.uk
Community Webnet is a one-stop shop for Scottish community groups carrying out projects that improve the quality of life for local communities.
Compost Guide - www.compostguide.com
The Compost Guide website provides a comprehensive guide to what and how to compost, including troubleshooting and how to use finished compost.
Composting Association (The) - www.compost.org.uk
The Composting Association promotes sustainable management of biodegradable resources and this website provides many sources of information on composting.
Computers For Charity - www.computersforcharity.org.uk
Computers For Charity is a voluntary organisation that collects IT equipment to be reused and re-distributed to help charitites, community groups and businesses.
Confederation of Paper Industries - www.paper.org.uk
The Confederation of Paper Industries website provides a wide range of useful information and publications related to paper recycling.
Cornell Composting - compost.css.cornell.edu/Composting_homepage.html
This website is maintained by the Cornell Waste Management Institute and provides access to a variety of composting educational materials and programs developed at Cornell University.
COSLA - www.cosla.gov.uk
The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) is the representative voice of Scottish local government and acts as the employers’ association on behalf of all Scottish councils.
Creative Waste Exchange - www.creativewasteexchange.org.uk
The Creative Waste Exchange, a project run in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire by Aberdeen Forward, collects materials from industry and commerce and makes them available to the community as a valuable, low cost resource.
CRNS - www.crns.org.uk
The Community Recycling Network for Scotland (CRNS) provides support and information for community groups involved in recycling, reuse, composting, reduction and waste education.
DALCAL - www.dochange.net
Do A Little Change A Lot (DALCAL) is the Scottish Executive’s national campaign that aims to raise awareness of environmental issues.
DEFRA - www.defra.gov.uk
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) works for the essentials of life - food, air, land, water, people, animals and plants. Their remit is the pursuit of sustainable development - weaving together economic, social and environmental concerns.
Dumb Dumpers - www.dumbdumpers.org
The Dumb Dumpers website provides information on what you can do if you see waste being dumped illegally. It also provides background information about the Scottish Fly Tipping Forum.
e4s - www.e4s.org.uk
Education for sustainability (e4s) provide teaching resources and activities on environmental topics including waste management.
Earthworks - www.earthworks-jobs.com
Earthworks is a world leading portal of job and career opportunities for waste management professionals with particular focus on the UK, Europe, North America, Africa and the Pacific Rim.
Eco Schools - www.eco-schools.org.uk
Eco Schools is an awards scheme designed to fit into the curriculum that gets everyone involved in making the school environment better.
Eco Schools - Scotland - www.ecoschoolsscotland.org
The Eco Schools Scotland website provides information on the Eco Schools programme for Scottish schools.
Eco-Congregation - www.ecocongregation.org
Eco-congregation is an ecumenical programme to help congregations understand environmental issues and make appropriate practical and spiritual responses. The programme is free of charge and very flexible, as each congregation has different opportunities for change.
Ecotopia - www.ecotopia.co.uk
An eco website for socially responsible shopping offering a wide selection of environmentally friendly, fairly traded and recycled products from gifts to homeware, garden goods, baby accessories, glassware, wind up gadgets, children`s toys to books and eco friendly cleaning products.
Ecozone - www.ecozone.co.uk
Ecozone is an online catalogue offering a wide range of environmentally friendly products.
Empty Cartridge - www.emptycartridge.co.uk
Empty Cartridge collect empty Laser and Inkjet printer cartridges for recycling from schools, colleges, charities, businesses and individuals throughout the UK.
Empty Inkjet Cartridge Fill Company - www.mfcopier.co.uk
National collection of used inkjet cartridges for recycling. Raise money for your charity or organization. Full prices posted on site.
Encams - www.encams.org
ENCAMS is an environmental charity that campaigns directly to the public, best known for the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, which has been running for over fifty years.
Enviroglass - www.enviroglass.co.uk
Enviroglass is Shetland’s award winning glass recycling company, operated by Shetland Amenity Trust. Enviroglass recycle waste glass and develop innovative products made from recycled glass.
Environment Agency - www.environment-agency.gov.uk
The Environment Agency are the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales.
Envirowise - www.envirowise.gov.uk
Envirowise in Scotland offers Scottish businesses free, independent, confidential advice and support on practical ways to increase profits, minimise waste and reduce environmental impact.
ESDP - www.esdp.org.uk
The Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership (ESDP) involves a range of statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations which come together to promote sustainable development across the City of Edinburgh.
European Union - europa.eu.int/scadplus/leg/en/s15002.htm
The Europa website provides summaries of the key European legislation relating to waste.
Even Greener - www.evengreener.com
Even Greener sells a range of environmental products for your home and garden.
Fare Share - www.fareshare.org.uk
FareShare reduces waste by distributing surplus fresh food from retailers and wholesalers to people in need.
Forth Environment Link - www.forthenvironmentlink.org
Forth Environment Link works with schools, community groups and the public to promote, support and develop lifelong learning towards sustainable living.
Forward Scotland - www.forward-scotland.org.uk
Forward Scotland promotes sustainable development in Scotland by influencing policy and through practical projects.
free2collect - www.free2collect.co.uk
The free2collect site allows you to browse for unwanted items that you could reuse, or post your own items for others to take off your hands - and everything is free2collect.
free2take - www.free2take.net
The free2take website lets you exchange unwanted items free of charge so that they can be reused by others.
Freecycle (TM) - www.freecycle.org
The Freecycle Network (TM) provides individuals and non-profit organisations with an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items by donating them to others for Reuse.
Friends of the Earth - www.foe.org
Friends of the Earth is the world's largest network of environmental groups.
Furniture Reuse Network - www.frn.org.uk
The FRN promotes the reuse of unwanted furniture and household effects for the alleviation of need, hardship, distress and poverty.
Glassforever - www.glassforever.co.uk
Glassforever provides information about glass packaging and how to recycle glass, including educational resources, games and case studies.
Go Green Bags - www.gogreenbags.com
Go Green Bags is a campaign in Fife and the surrounding area to encourage shoppers to carry a biodegradable bag.
GRAB - www.grab.org.uk
The Group for Recycling in Argyll & Bute (GRAB) Trust is a not for profit organisation with a charitable status, formed in 1993 to address waste and recycling issues in Argyll & Bute. GRAB undertakes a wide range of waste & recycling activities, working with schools, the general public, local community recycling groups and businesses.
Green Books - www.greenbooks.co.uk
Green Books sells books on recycling, composting and other environmental and cultural issues, most of which are printed on 100% recycled paper.
Green Guide Online - www.greenguide.co.uk
You can use the Green Guide website to search for organic, natural, ethical and eco-friendly services or products, purchase the Green Guides, subscribe to Pure Living magazine, catch up on the latest eco news and events, and much more.
Green Stationery Company (The) - www.greenstat.co.uk
The Green Stationery Company is the UK`s premier recycled paper and green office products supplier.
Greenfingers - www.greenfingers.com
Greenfingers is the leading UK online gardening store and includes a section on home composting.
GreenGonzo - www.greengonzo.com
GreenGonzo is an initiative that aims to reduce waste and promote the reuse of goods and materials. By registering for free, anyone can post adverts offering to give away things they no longer need, but may be of use to others. Anyone who wishes can use the search tool to find out what is being given away by people in their area.
Grownupgreen - www.grownupgreen.org.uk
Grownupgreen aims to help householders make more informed choices on renewable energy, managing waste, purchasing consumer goods and much more.
HDRA - www.hdra.org.uk/organicgardening/gh_comp.htm
The Henry Doubleday Research Assocation (HDRA) website contains a useful guide on how to compost at home, including a section that answers your common composting questions.
Hippy Shopper - www.wirelessdigest.typepad.com/hippyshopper
The Hippy Shopper website provides lots of information about ethical consumerism, including links to recycled and other environmentally friendly products.
Home Recycling - www.homerecycling.co.uk
Home Recycling sells a wide range of containers to help you recycle at home and offers tips on Reduce Reuse Recycle.
How To Compost - www.howtocompost.org
The How To Compost website is a comprehensive resource that provides a wide range of information relating to home composting.
IEMA - www.iema.net
The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) is a not-for-profit membership organisation whose primary aim is to promote the goal of sustainable development. The IEMA provides environmental practitioners and professionals of all levels with advice, support and assistance to ensure that the methods they use and the knowledge they receive are in line with current best practice guidelines in environmental management and assessment.
Keep Edinburgh Clean - www.edinburgh.gov.uk/keepedinburghclean
Keep Edinburgh Clean is a Council awareness campaign that delivers environmental services and messages to the public.
Keep Scotland Beautiful - www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org
Keep Scotland Beautiful is an environmental charity which aims to achieve litter free and sustainable environments by co-ordinating a number of programmes, including the Blue Flag award scheme, Eco Schools, Eco Congregation and People & Places
Kids Against Waste - www.kidsagainstwaste.org
As part of the Wake Up To Waste campaign in Northern Ireland, the Kids Against Waste website contains lots of useful information about waste, plus interactive recycling journeys, games and a waste quiz.
Lakeland Limited - www.lakelandlimited.com
The Lakeland Limited website sells a range of household goods, including recycled products for the home and garden, and recycling and composting aids.
LARAC - www.larac.org.uk
The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) is the leading national local authority organisation promoting waste reduction and recycling.
LEEP - www.leep.org.uk
LEEP provides a waste minimisation and recycling information service and delivers an innovative schools programme within Edinburgh and in parts of the Lothians. Additional projects include the Master Composter Project, the Edinburgh and Lothians Real Nappy Project, the Generous City Project and the Scottish Waste Education Support Programme. LEEP Recycling Ltd provides recycling services for businesses and undertakes waste analysis and consultancy work.
LESS (Luing, Easdale & Seil Solutions) - www.seil.oban.ws/less.html
LESS is a network of people from the three islands of Luing, Easdale and Seil who aim to help and encourage recycling.
Let’s Recycle - www.letsrecycle.com
The letsrecycle.com website provides a range of information, including recycling and waste management news and clubrecycle, the UK’s top recycling chat room.
Little Rotters Composting Club - www.littlerotters.org.uk
Little Rotters is a website designed for primary schools to provide teachers with practical information and advice that helps to inspire and build the skills and confidence needed to start a Little Rotters Club and get composting in school. Free Little Rotters Composting Handbooks can be ordered online.
Living Soil - www.livingsoil.co.uk
Living Soil provides all natural, probiotic-based products for home and garden, human health, agriculture, waste and septic treatment, and environmental sustainability.
Mailing Preference Service - www.mpsonline.org.uk
The Mailing Preference Service is a free service that enables you to reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive by removing your name and address from lists used by the direct mail industry.
Master Composter - www.mastercomposter.com
The Master Composter website provides information on how to compost, how to use finished compost, the benefits of composting, what to compost, and many other topics relating to home composting.
More Than Furniture - www.morethanfurniture.org.uk
The More Than Furniture website gives you all the information you need to donate or get help from a furniture reuse project in Scotland.
MRW - www.mrw.co.uk
Materials Recycling Week (MRW) delivers news, in depth features and the latest product developments in the UK recycling and waste management industry. It also features coverage and analysis of materials prices, up-to-date information on legislative changes, developments in the machinery and vehicle sector, and all the latest job opportunities in the UK market. All the information in the magazine can be accessed by subscribers on this website.
Nathan`s Wastesavers - www.nathanswastesavers.co.uk
Nathan`s Wastesavers is the UK`s largest textile recycling company, servicing charity shops and textile recycling points with regular collections.
National Waste Strategy - www.sepa.org.uk/nws
SEPA`s website keeps you up to date with the implementation of the National Waste Strategy across Scotland`s eleven Waste Strategy Areas.
Natural Collection - www.naturalcollection.com
The Natural Collection catalogue is a range of eclectic, unusual, useful and interesting products carefully chosen to inspire ideas towards a sustainable future.
Natural Discovery - www.naturaldiscovery.co.uk
Natural Discovery have re-thought the UK holiday experience and have created breaks with a real difference - a good quality break for you and a break for our environment. On a Discovery Break you can find out what makes an area really special, and can enjoy the best of the local environment, attractions and activities. Also, see their website for our range of innovative environmentally friendly home products.
NetRegs - www.netregs.gov.uk
The NetRegs website gives plain language guidance for businesses on environmental legislation and how to comply with it.
Network (The) - www.sepa.org.uk/nws/thenetwork
SEPA has developed The Network with the aim of bringing together waste education practitioners from across Scotland and encouraging regular communication, coordination and networking opportunities. The Network website provides information on the latest educational resources, updates on policy, and an overview of the national picture on waste education.
Nigel`s Eco Store - www.nigelsecostore.com
Nigel`s Eco Store sells environmentally-friendly things that are fun, functional and desirable. For us, this is what it`s all about: great products and eco consciousness. Do keep an eye on the site as we are adding new things all the time.
Office of Public Sector Information - www.opsi.gov.uk/legislation/uk.htm
The Office of Public Sector Information provides online access to the full text of all UK legislation and you can search for all waste related legislation.
Organic Resource Agency - www.o-r-a.co.uk
The Organic Resource Agency works with local authorities, commercial producers of organic waste, waste management companies and farmers on the collection and composting of organic waste, and on compost marketing and end users.
Plascan Crusher - www.plascancrusher.com
The Plascan Crusher is a recycling tool designed to crush empty drinks cans and plastic bottles, and is made from recycled plastic.
Plastics Recycling - www.plasticsrecycling.info
From Recoup, this website provides a range of useful information on the plastic recycling process.
Poly C Reclaimers - www.plasticwaste.co.uk
Poly C Reclaimers are specialised recyclers for all plastics, offering plastic recycling collection services to a range of organisations.
rag-and-bone - www.rag-and-bone.co.uk
The modern, economical and effortless way to recycle unwanted, but still usable or repairable, large or bulky household items. Rather than disposing of them, you can advertise on rag-and-bone.co.uk and give them away to someone else who can make good use of them. Everything listed is free-of-charge on collection.
ReadItSwapIt - www.readitswapit.co.uk
Readitswapit is a free book exchange website that allows you to swap the books you don’t want for the second-hand books that you do.
Recoup - www.recoup.org
Recoup is the UK's leading authority on plastics waste management, providing expertise and guidance to a wide range of clients across the plastics supply, use and disposal chain.
Recycle More - www.recycle-more.co.uk
Recycle More is the one-stop recycling information centre where you can find help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace.
Recycle Now - www.recyclenow.com
Recycle Now is a campaign operated by WRAP in Engalnd and Wales that aims to encourage you to recycle more stuff more often.
Recycle Plastic - www.recycleplastic.org.uk
The WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) Recycle Plastic website is aimed at businesses either looking to recycle their unwanted plastics, or looking to buy recycled plastic to include in their processes.
Recycle Works (The) - www.recycleworks.co.uk
The Recycle Works supplies, designs, manufactures and develops home composting equipment.
Recycleinme - www.recycleinme.com
Online marketplace for scrap traders.
Recyclezone - www.recyclezone.org.uk
Recyclezone is the Waste Watch education website for schools, children and teachers, that tells you what's what in the world of waste.
Recycling Appeal - www.recyclingappeal.com
The Recycling Appeal collects and recycles used printer cartridges and mobile phones for charity.
Recycling Guide - www.recycling-guide.org.uk
The Recycling Guide website emphasises the importance of recycling and provides advice on how you can recycle at home and at school, and how to recycle different materials. The guide also has an easy to follow useful tips section.
Recycool - www.recycool.org
Recycool supports the school curriculum by helping schools with recycling, making it fun and rewarding.
redeem - www.redeemplc.com
redeem is the international leader in the recovery, recycling, buying and supplying of used printer cartridges and mobile phones. They specialise in providing substantial revenue streams to charities, NGOs, schools, community groups and commercial organisations.
Reel Furniture - www.reelfurniture.co.uk
Gallery of eco furniture, houseware and gifts.
REMADE Scotland - www.remade.org.uk
REMADE Scotland is a major initiative which seeks to stimulate, develop and strengthen recyclate material markets in Scotland.
Remarkable - www.remarkable.co.uk
Remarkable sells a wide range of products made using UK recycled materials.
Resource Publishing & Communication - www.resourcepublishing.co.uk
Resource Publishing & Communication publish a range of waste minimisation and recycling magazines, including their flagship magazine, Resource.
Resource Recovery Forum - www.resourcesnotwaste.org
The Resource Recovery Forum is an international non-profit network of 320 organisations interested in sustainable waste management - making better use of waste that is produced.
Reuze - www.reuze.co.uk
Reuze aims to bring together the three parts of the recycling problem. Those with waste to recycle, organisations that reuse that waste and products made from recycled waste.
Reverse Vending Systems - www.reversevending.com
Reverse Vending Systems is a UK distributor and operator of automated machines that utilise advanced technology to identify, sort, collect and process used beverage containers.
RoWAN - www.rowanweb.org.uk
The Ross-shire Waste Action Network (RoWAN) is a community group that aims to involve local people and organisations in improving waste management in Ross-shire.
Save a Cup Recycling - www.saveacup.co.uk
The Save a Cup scheme collects and recycles hard-wall polystyrene vending cups from businesses in the UK.
SCI Scotland - www.sci-scotland.org.uk
The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) is a charity that builds Zero Waste communities by building and creating with waste and demonstrating the Earthship concept.
Scottish Executive - www.scotland.gov.uk
The official website of the Scottish Executive, the devolved government for Scotland.
Scottish Worms - www.scottishworms.com
Scottish Worms is the largest worm farm in Scotland, supplying worms suitable for use in home composting and wormeries.
Scouts Appeal - www.scoutsappeal.com
A scheme, operated by redeem plc, that helps scout groups to raise cash by recycling printer cartridges, mobile phones and PDAs.
Second Opportunities - www.secondopportunities.org.uk
Second Opportunities provides a free or low cost furniture service to the homeless and to those below the poverty line, who can least afford furniture.
SEPA - www.sepa.org.uk
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) aims to provide an efficient and integrated environmental protection system for Scotland and this website contains a range of useful information including current figures relating to waste and recycling.
SEPA Waste Minimisation Programme - www.sepa.org.uk/wastemin
The SEPA waste minimisation programme promotes the benefits of waste minimisation to all businesses.
SESA - www.esauk.org/scotland
The Scottish Environmental Services Association (SESA) represents Scotland`s waste management and secondary resources industry. SESA works with partners in Scotland`s public and private sectors to implement the national waste strategy and develop economically and environmentally sustainable waste management.
SISP - www.thirdwave.org.uk/sisp
The Scottish Industrial Symbiosis Programme (SISP) facilitates long term collaboration between organisations to enable the sharing or trading of unused resources for business and environmental benefits.
Soil Association (The) - www.soilassociation.org.uk
The Soil Association is the UK`s leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming. It sets and checks standards for organic products, including compost.
Sort It - www.sort-it.org.uk
A national tool aimed at helping you find practical ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Spruce Carpet - www.sprucecarpet.org.uk
Spruce Carpet accept donations of unwanted carpet in good condition, and supply good quality recycled carpet at affordable prices.
SSN - www.sustainable-scotland.net
The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) brings together practitioners from Scotland’s local authorities to share experience and take action on sustainable development.
Straight Recycling Systems - www.straight.co.uk
Straight plc supplies a range of recycling containers and home composters made using recycled materials.
Sustainable UK - www.sus-uk.com
Sustainable UK Limited is a not-for-profit company that aims to help individuals integrate sustainability into their lifestyle.
Technosteria - www.technosteria.com
Technosteria is a useful source of information on the RoHS and WEEE directives, e-waste and other campaigns.
TheFreeBay.org - www.thefreebay.org
TheFreeBay.org is a portal for users to offer items that they no longer use or need for free to others who visit the site. This means that items that would otherwise gather dust or end up in a landfill are ‘recycled’ and put to use by others.
Thinkcans.com - www.thinkcans.com
Thinkcans.com is the website of Novelis Recycling, the leading recycler of used aluminium beverage cans. It contains a range of useful information about aluminium can recycling.
Time2Change - www.time2changeuk.com
Real nappies, wraps, liners and wipes including Mother-ease, Nature Babies, Tots Bots, Ella`s House and Nappy Nation. Free P&P; on all UK website orders.
Unimobiles - www.unimobiles.com
Unimobiles is an online shop for refurbished mobile phones that also offers repair services.
Urbancomposting - www.urbancomposting.com
A selection of compost bins, wormeries, information, FAQ`s and accessories, applicable to composting in urban environments. The links can be use as a central composting resource.
VermiSell - www.vermisell.co.uk
Suppliers of composting equipment, including worms and wormeries.
Wake Up To Waste - www.wakeuptowaste.org
Wake Up To Waste is a campaign promoting the three R’s in Northern Ireland.
Waste Aware Business - www.wasteawarebusiness.com
Any business based in Scotland can use the Waste Aware Business website and Business Recycling Directory to access information about local and national recycling and reuse services from a range of service providers.
Waste Aware Construction - www.wasteawareconstruction.com
Website and Poster Creator specifically for Construction and Demolition (C&D;) waste to encourage Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in this sector.
Waste Aware Grampian - www.wasteawaregrampian.org
Local website for information about what is happening in Waste Aware Grampian to promote Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Waste Aware Tayside - www.wasteawaretayside.org
Local website for information about what is happening in Waste Aware Tayside to promote Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Waste Awareness Wales - www.wasteawarenesswales.org.uk
Waste Awareness Wales is a joint Welsh Local Government Association and Keep Wales Tidy project to promote the three R’s across Wales.
Waste Management Information - www.waste-management-information.org.uk
A very useful source of information on waste management and glass recycling.
Waste Technology Data Centre - www.environment-agency.gov.uk/wtd/
The Waste Technology Data Centre gives the facts on how waste treatment technologies work, as well as how much they cost to build and maintain.
Waste Watch - www.wastewatch.org.uk
Waste Watch work with community organisations, local and national government encouraging the environmental benefits of waste minimisation and recycling.
WaterSense - www.watersense.org.uk
The Watersense campaign is working to reduce the input of household chemicals into the water environment.
WEEE Partnership (The) - www.weeep.org
The WEEE Partnership collects disused electrical and electronic equipment for repair, refurbishment or recycling and can arrange collections if you have several items for uplift, eg office IT equipment.
WEN - www.wen.org.uk
The Women's Environmental Network (WEN) is a campaigning organisation that represents women and campaigns on issues that link women, environment and health.
Wheelie Bin ART - www.wheelie-bin-art.co.uk
Wheelie Bin ART Ltd design and supply a full range of fun and artistic stickers for wheelie bins.
Wiggly Wigglers - www.wigglywigglers.co.uk
Wiggly Wigglers sells a range of home composting products.
Wise Group - www.thewisegroup.co.uk
The Wise Group is a charitable organisation that helps unemployed people back into work through projects with a strong community regeneration focus.
Woodland Trust (The) - www.woodland-trust.org.uk
The Woodland Trust is the UK`s leading conservation charity dedicated to the protection of our native woodland heritage and operates the annual Christmas Card Recycling Scheme.
Woods Farm Organics - www.woodsfarmorganics.co.uk
Woods Farm Organics are supply a wide range of home composting equipment.
Worms Direct UK - www.wormsdirectuk.co.uk
Worms Direct UK is a company whose specific aim is to provide the best products and service to the worm composting, fishing bait and worm specialist markets.
Worn Again - www.antiapathy.org/wornagain/home.html
Worn Again trainers are made from a range of recycled materials, including recycled suit jackets, prison blankets and towels, and no two pairs are exactly alike.
WRAP - www.wrap.org.uk
The Waste and Resources Action Programme`s mission is to accelerate resource efficiency by creating stable and efficient markets for recycled materials and products, while removing barriers to waste minimisation, reuse and recycling.
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