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Moray: Rural Areas Home Composting

Kerbside Collection of Recyclable Materials
A new Council service for the collection of recyclable materials from householders has been introduced, however, it is not possible at present to serve most rural areas.

Those that do not get the kerbside collection service can nevertheless benefit from a number of facilities and services that will allow them to contribute towards recycling in Moray.

HOW can Rural Areas Recycle?

Reusable hessian bags will be distributed so that householders can collect materials such as paper, cans and glass and take them to Recycling Centres and Points.  A list of all Recycling Centres and Points and the materials they accept is provided in your Waste Aware Grampian Guide.

Your local Recycling Centre is open from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 4pm, and the Recycling Points are open 24 hours a day.  In addition to recycling bags, residents in such areas can also apply for free compost bins that have otherwise been sold in Moray for £10 (RRP £50).

HOW do I get a Free Compost Bin?

To apply for your compost bin, please phone 01343 577 045, and a member of the Council's waste team will take your details and reserve a bin.  This can be picked up from the Environmental Services building on Edgar Road, Elgin, or a slip can be posted out to you so that you can pick it up at one of our outlying depots in Forres, Buckie, Keith and Elgin.

For more information, please click here. Alternatively, you can call 01343 577 045, or visit www.moray.gov.uk/tmp_pages/recycling.htm.


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