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Over the festive season, it is estimated that we produce an extra three million tonnes of waste, which includes the greetings cards we all receive. You can Reduce your waste this Christmas by sending e-cards to friends and family instead of traditional paper cards. E-cards avoid using paper, which helps to preserve forests and reduce the amount of waste that we produce.

A wide range of e-cards are available, including festive designs that use animation and sound. E-cards are available for a variety of different occasions, not just at Christmas, and you should be able to find the ideal card for someone special at one of the websites listed below. Receiving an e-card makes a refreshing change from traditional paper cards and they are quick and easy to send. You can access the Internet and set up a personal e-mail account to let you send e-cards at most local libraries.Many of the websites listed in the table below allow you to customise and send your own e-cards free of charge. This helps you to save money as well as waste at Christmas.

www.bhf.org.uk Corporate e-cards sent in return for charitable donations.

Free e-christmas cards.

www.merrychristmas.je Free animated e-christmas cards.
www.happychristmastoyou.com Personalised singing/spoken message,
e-christmas cards.
www.jewelion.com/postcards/xmas1.htm Free e-christmas cards, personalised.
www.echristmascard.com Free e-christmas cards-personalised.
www.free-christmas-cards-online.com Free e-christmas cards.
www.dgreetings.com Variety of e-greetings cards.
www.yahoo.americangreetings.com Selection of e-greeting cards, some free.
www.free-e-cards-online.com Variety of e-greetings cards.
www.shopsafe.co.uk/sendacard.htm Several e-cards - free.
www.123greetings.com Selection of free e-cards for a variety of occasions.
www.free-greetingcards.co.uk Selection of free e-cards for different occasions.
www.north-pole.co.uk Traditional style free e-cards with a Scottish theme.
www.xmastime.co.uk Free E- Christmas cards.
www.thekoala.com/christmas.htm Free e- Christmas cards from an australian site!
www.christmastimeuk.com Free customised electronic christmas cards.
www.webbrochures.net Corporate electronic greetings cards.

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