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Waste Aware Argyll & Bute - Pilot Cans and Textiles Kerbside Collection

In February 2005, red and blue survival bags were provided to 750 households in the Inverary area for recycling cans and textiles.

WHAT can I recycle?

You can recycle the following items in your red survival bag:

* Drinks cans
* Food cans

Please wash all cans before placing them in the red survival bag.

You can recycle the following items in your blue survival bag:

* Blankets/towels
* Handbags
* Old clothes
* Sheets
* Shoes

Please clean your old clothes and tie pairs of shoes together before placing them in your blue survival bag.

WHY should I recycle?

After your recyclates are collected they will be sent for recycling where:

  • Cans are recycled into new food and drinks cans.
  • Textiles that are in good condition are sent to charity for reuse.
  • Textiles in poor condition are recycled into industrial rags.
WHEN can I recycle?

Please put your survival bags inside your blue bin, above the paper and cardboard.  Put your blue bin out for collection by 8am on your collection day.  Your blue bin will be collected every two weeks.

For further information, please contact Argyll and Bute Council on 01546 604 666 or 01546 604 636.

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If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 468 246.

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