Materials Accepted for Recycling in Fife

Waste Journey
Aluminium Cans Aluminum cans go to Anstruther where they are sorted and baled, then sold to a scrap metal recycler.
Batteries Car batteries are collected by McDonald's Metals. Lead and other valuable elements are removed and reused
Cardboard Cardboard is taken to Smith Anderson in Leslie for recycling.
Electrical and Electronic Items (WEEE) Electrical items are collected by Export TV & Video, who are based in Livingstone.
If the item is in good condition they are re-conditioned and reused. If not they are stripped of all valuable elements that can be reused.

Garden Waste


Garden waste is taken to local composting facilities in Fife where the compost produced is used as a soil
Garden waste is also taken to 'Cooks', based in Thornton where it is composted.
Glass Glass is taken to British Glass Recycling Company in Alloa, where it is crushed and recycled.
Oil Oil is collected by a company based in Paisley, where the oil is refined and can be reused.

Paper collected via the Kerbside Blue Bin system is taken to Smith Anderson in Leslie to be recycled.

Paper collected via paper recycling points is taken to Cheshire Recycling to be recycled.

Plastic Bottles PET Plastic is sorted at Anstruther (E. Fife), then transported to St. Helens , where it is recycled by a company called Delevy.
Rubble Rubble is used as a covering or construction material at landfill sites.
Scrap Metal Scrap metal is taken to a scrap metal recycler, depending on which area
it is collected in.
Steel Cans Steel cans go to Anstruther where they are sorted and baled, then sold to a scrap metal merchant.
Textiles & Shoes Textiles from textile banks are collected by Nathans. The materials are then sorted. Clothes in good condition are given to charities, whilst other materials are used as furnishings or rags.
Wood Wood is taken to Woodwaste in Boness where it is made into chipboard.

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