Materials Accepted for Recycling in Dundee

Waste Journey
Aluminium Cans Aluminium cans are sent to 'Alcan' in Alloa where they are reprocessed.

Garden Waste


Garden waste is sent to a local compost processing facility and the compost produced is used locally.
Glass Glass is sent to 'MacGlass' in Dalkeith for reprocessing.
Oil Oils are sent to 'OSS' in Merseyside for reprocessing or occasionally 'BRE'.
Paper Paper is sent to 'Stirling Fibre' and then to paper mills to be recycled into new paper products.
Scrap Metal Scrap metals are sent to local reprocessors, 'Henderson Kerr' or 'RM Supplies'.
Steel Cans Steel cans are reprocessed locally by 'Henderson Kerr'.
Textiles & Shoes Textiles are collected by 'Nathans Waste Savers', where they are graded. Textiles that are in good condition are donated for reuse and those in bad condition are made into industrial cleaning rags and distributed.
White Goods Fridges are sent to 'Shore recycling' for reprocessing.
Wood Wood is dealt with in an adhoc manner by various companies.

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