Materials Accepted for Recycling in Argyll & Bute


Waste Journey

Aluminium Cans Aluminium cans are taken to ‘Alcan’ in Warrington where they are made into new aluminium.
Books Books that are in good condition are sent to various charities.
Cardboard Cardboard is made into plasterboard or other packaging.
Glass Glass is taken by ‘British Glass Recycling Company’, ‘Greenlight’ and ‘Shanks’ and made into new bottles. Mixed glass is taken to Linwood.
Oil Engine oil is taken by ‘BCS’ and made into more oil. Cooking oil is taken to ‘Thornwood Oils’ where it is then made into a soap extract.
Paper Paper is made into newsprint and other paper products.
Plastic Bottles PET Plastic Bottles are collected by the Cambeltown ‘Waste Watchers’ and then sent down to ‘Centreforce’ in Liverpool and are used to make cycle paths.
Scrap Metal Scrap metal is taken by ‘Christie’s’ in Glasgow and sold in scrap markets.
Steel Cans Steel cans are taken to ‘AMG’ in Hartleypool where they are made into new steel cans.
Textiles & Shoes Textiles are collected by 'Nathans Waste Savers', where they are graded. Those in good condition are donated to charity and those in bad condition are made into industrial cleaning rags and distributed. Textiles are also collected by ‘Shanks’.

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