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Waste Aware Perth and Kinross: Recycling for Your Business

Perth & Kinross Council is working to provide recycling services for all businesses across Perth & Kinross.

WHAT can I recycle?

Your business can recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Drinks cans

Facilities for recycling other materials including cartridges, computers, garden waste, metal and mobile phones are also available.


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HOW can I recycle?

Perth & Kinross Council's waste advisors are available to offer you advice and support on the best recycling solutions for your business.  Kerbside collections, central collections and special uplifts are all available to allow you to recycle your business waste.

WHY should I recycle?

Recycling your waste can save you money
Current and future legislation requirements and increasing landfill tax costs will mean that sending waste to landfill will become more expensive. Cans, cardboard, glass and paper, which have been separated, can be collected at a lower cost than when these materials are disposed of as mixed trade waste.

Your waste is a valuable resource
Much of the waste that we throw away is a resource which can be refurbished and reused or recycled into new products.  For example, glass bottles and jars are recycled into new glass and waste paper is recycled into newspaper and other paper products.

Recycling your waste helps the environment and local organisations By recycling your waste you can save natural resources, reduce the need for landfill and reduce the amount of waste-related pollution.  By recycling you will also be providing opportunities for local charities, voluntary groups and businesses to collect and reprocess recyclates into new products.

For further information, please call the Environment Services Helpline on 01738 476476, email recycle@pkc.gov.uk or visit www.pkc.gov.uk/recycling






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If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 468 246.

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