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Turning your compost provides essential oxygen to the beneficial micro-organisms that live there. It also helps to prevent the compost from getting too water-logged. There are three main methods of aerating the compost:

  • If you have a compost heap or a bin with a wide mouth, you can thoroughly mix and turn your compost with a garden fork. Alternatively, you can turn all the compost out of the container, give it a good mix and put it all back in again.
  • If this is too difficult, you can simply bring the material in the middle of the heap / bin to the outside using a garden fork, and then move it back to the centre again.
  • If that is still too difficult, you can poke holes in the compost using a broom handle or thick stick. (You can also buy fancy turning tools at most garden centres to do the same job). Although this method is not as efficient, it will aerate the compost.

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