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Waste Aware Scotland is a national campaigning programme. Through Waste Aware Scotland we hope to change public attitudes and behaviour towards waste.
The Waste Aware Scotland Programme
Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

Recycling for Tsunami Victims
Help the victims of the Tsunami by recycling your old mobiles and inkjet cartridges. More...

Red Cross Valentine Campaign
A new campaign by the British Red Cross lets you give a really meaningful gift this Valentine's Day. More...
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Recycle Inkjet Cartridges for the Red Cross
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Find out what is happening in the Grampian area
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When Rubbish Thrown Away is Not Actually Rubbish

Every year, people throw away some truly valuable things. Sometimes, it can be things that people donít realise were worth a lot of money. For instance, JK Rowling, at the very start of her career, did an interview with a man called Nigel Reynolds. She reportedly gave him a first edition copy of the first Harry Potter book, The Philosopherís Stone to say thanks. He wasnít convinced it was any good and chucked it away! Recently, first editions of that book have sold for £50,000 and even more.

Although he wasnít to know that book would go on to have the massive cultural impact it has had, that doesnít really explain why so many people throw away keys. It is thought that more than 10,000 car and door keys are accidentally thrown in the rubbish and end up at tips every year.

Most of us have lost keys at some point in our lives, but you just end up feeling a whole different level of embarrassment and frustration when you realise you have chucked them in the bin. Whatís more, an alarming number of people have been known to head to the rubbish dump themselves to try and locate their keys. Which is o obviously not safe or recommended.

You could avoid this from happening by keeping a closer eye on what you throw away and in the worst scenario, donít try to hunt down your keys. Instead, whether you require a Liverpool locksmith , a Sheffield locksmith or even a Bristol locksmith, get in contact with a trustworthy locksmith in London who can solve your key dilemma.



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